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1400 16th Street, Suite 400

Denver, Colorado 80202




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Succession Planning and Management

A well conducted succession management program ensures that your organization will sustain organizational capability and effectiveness by selecting and developing individuals to assume key leadership positions. 


Our process is not just succession planning where we make and update lists of who should be promoted.  It is a combination of looking at where the talent, skills, and needs lie in your organization and combining it with leadership development for a long-term process of managing the talent roster across the organization.  

Our Succession Program will help your organization:


  • Determine competencies needed for current and future state for your company's success 

  • Identify current competencies of leadership  

  • Manage the gap between current and future state

  • Identify strengths of leadership as well as gaps and weaknesses that need to be developed

  • Determine potential internal successors for key leadership positions

  • Develop action plans to improve benchstrength for seamless internal transition in the event of vacancies in senior leadership positions