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20 Years of Executive Coaching in Two Books

Get an inside look at the executive coaching process for two of the most common leadership challenges our coaching clients face, with practical tips and insights along the way.

(R)evolution: One Man's Leadership Journey

If people you work with get upset by what you say, is it your fault or theirs?

  • What’s more important in business—getting results or making your employees happy?

  • What would you do if you were hired to make changes, but people complained about those changes and the way you made them?

Eighteen months ago, Tom was hired to shake things up. Under his leadership, the company's profits increased and business boomed, but in the process he upset quite a few people. Several of his direct reports quit, and other departments didn't want to work with him or his team. In an effort to save his job and reputation, Tom reluctantly begins working with an executive coach. Get an inside look at Tom’s journey working with his coach as he searches for solutions to the questions above and is challenged to change the way he views his world. (R)evolution is full of discovery, candor, and insight that will inspire and surprise you.

soft skills

Rise: Finding Your Executive Voice

  • Are you your harshest critic? 

  • Do your doubts and fears stop you from speaking up?

  • Do you hesitate when giving feedback or leading others?

  • Are you cautious about championing new initiatives at work?

Mallory struggled with these questions as well as the concept of executive presence, influencing others, and the feelings of not being good enough. Frustrated, she sought the guidance of an executive coach. What followed their first meeting is a rare glimpse into the trials and triumphs of their amazing work together. Pay close attention, and you’ll see how her insights throughout this book can shorten your own path to leadership. 

How do you tackle the tough issues you’re facing? Guided by Mallory’s evolution, you will apply specific tools that will change how you show up at work. Most importantly, you’ll learn to authentically become the confident leader you want to be.

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What People Say About (R)evolution

"I have seen leaders undergo many (r)evolutions in my thirty-plus years as an executive coach. In this engaging story, Anna Conrad shows how a relationship with a coach transforms one man from a results-driven “bully” to a thoughtful leader who puts other people first.

"When your company’s future is on the line, the leadership must come to the rescue — making smart decisions and motivating employees to action. That takes managers with the right combination of thoughtful direction and consensus-building. To find out more about your management style and start your own (r)evolution, I encourage you to read this book."

Marshall Goldsmith, PhD

New York Times bestselling author of Triggers, What Got You Here Won't Get You There, and Mojo

The Business Journals (published nationally in 43 major cities)

"(R)evolution: One Man’s Journey offers insightful and practical advice to executives faced with the daily challenge of identifying, motivating and retaining talented employees.  By taking the reader through an actual case study, Anna Conrad—a highly experienced executive coach—illustrates how even the most senior leaders can enhance their effectiveness and their “professional brand” by gaining a deeper understanding of the impact of their leadership style and behaviors."

“Many of us will recognize a 'Tom' within our organizations, and perhaps, within ourselves.  Conrad’s book offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the coaching process, which when applied effectively with a motivated (even if resistant) leader, can convert even a skeptic into the type of leader with whom we all hope to work.”


Barry Koch

Managing Director and Associate General Counsel, JPMogran Chase

Liza McKelvey

Vice President, Compliance and General Counsel, Cochlear Americas

What People Say About Rise

“An approachable, behind the scenes look at the executive coaching process. If you’re interested in building confidence and executive presence you’ll find practical exercises that help you develop your skills and elevate as a leader.”

Sharada Sullivan, Vice President, Strategic Projects, CBRE

“Rise book is a wonderful combination of an easy read with profound messages.  Every person looking to improve their executive presence in the workplace should read this book.”

Jacqueline Molnar, Chief Compliance Officer, Western Union and  Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Western Union Foundation

“Anna Conrad’s Rise has given me invaluable tools to leave the false stories and assumptions I carry around behind me, freeing me to feel confident and to exercise meaningful leadership that is uniquely my own.”

Carey Hicks, Director, Global HR Operations, Maxar Technologies

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