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3 Critical Steps for Yourself

Is one of your resolutions (again) to spend time on what’s important? Do you even know what that is? Do you have boundaries that will allow you to focus on these things?

Take these critical steps to avoid succumbing to schedules, practices, or people who don’t serve your priorities.

  1. Identify your top priorities in work and life. Naming what you can’t live without will help you distinguish your non-negotiables. Only then can you determine what you need to do to protect them.

  2. Reflect on last year. What were the things that gave you energy? What was it about the tasks or projects that gave you energy? How can you incorporate this into 2023? Do the same for the opposite: What drained your energy? Why? How can you avoid these items?

  3. Test one boundary. Identify one thing you will not compromise. Limit tasks, interactions, or activities that interfere with it. Determining where and how you spend your energy helps you focus on what matters most.

  4. Commit. Pay attention to how you feel, focusing on both the head and the heart, qualitative and quantitative. Commit to the boundary for at least one quarter.


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