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3 Productive Ways to Approach Setbacks

Does losing your job or not getting a promotion turn your world upside down? Does it take a long time for you to regain confidence? Or are you one of the few who face events such as these with resiliency? These three traits will help you rebound from setbacks:

  • Be real. Resiliency isn't about being overly optimistic and denying reality. Bad things happen. A resilient person uses hardships as a way to learn – and grow – so that they can tackle the next setback.

  • Ask, "What can I learn?". This technique relates to the last bullet. Asking yourself what you can learn from the experience will help you grow and train yourself.

  • Find meaning in what happens. People who bounce back find a purpose for themselves and others.

  • Make do. Resilient people make the most of what they have. Overcoming obstacles means improvising a solution to a problem when you don't have what you want.


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