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3 Tips to Improve Digital Communication

When teams work remotely and stress levels are high, miscommunication often occurs. Below are three ways to send Teams messages or emails that won't be taken the wrong way.

  • Emojis can go a long way in signaling tone, meaning, and emotion. But be careful — too many emojis may undermine your professionalism. As a rule, use one emoji per message.

  • Proofread your message for typos. Typos are a not-so-subtle signal that you were in a rush or heightened emotional state when you hit send.

  • If there is uncertainty, read your message out loud. Listen to make sure it's clear and conveys the right tone. You don't want to make a coworker unnecessarily nervous by saying, "Let's talk," when you mean, "These are good suggestions. Let's figure out how to work them into the draft."


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