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5 Ways to Get Your Team Focused on the Right Priorities

How do you know if your teams are working on the right priorities? After all, a lot has changed in the last eight months. Here are practices for working on the right things:

  • Evaluate your team to see if it is operating the same way they did eight months ago. If so, they may not have adapted to working remotely.

  • Instruct your team leaders to evaluate their short and long-term objectives to ensure they are relevant to your current situation.

  • Compare the team's adjusted priorities with revised company projections: Do their scope, output, and timing still make sense given the new reality? If not, determine if you can shift the team's work or reorganize to align with the current environment and new needs.

  • Reexamine your teams’ priorities regularly.

  • Check-in regularly to identify small problems early, allowing you to ensure they don't become significant issues.


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