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5 Ways to Make Your Meetings More Effective

No matter how efficient the meeting may have felt, more work is needed once you walk out the door or hang up the phone. Decisions will only be successful if you follow up.

  1. Write a succinct summary email describing the critical points of the discussion and exact action steps.

  2. Attach notes from the meeting to this email. Write the notes concisely and clearly, so that others can forward them to anyone who missed the meeting or who cares about what occurred.

  3. Mark task due dates in your calendar to make sure they get done.

  4. Follow-up in person with people who have a particular stake in the meeting outcome, such as your manager, to make sure they’re aware of the decisions made and next steps.

  5. Reflect on the meeting, how you did as a facilitator, and what you could do better next time.


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