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6 Tips for Onboarding When You're Remote

Adjusting to a new job is never easy, but it can be especially challenging when you are not in the office. Here are six tips to help you be proactive when onboarding remotely:

  • Schedule a lot of short check-ins with colleagues to imitate the brief, informal interactions you'd have in person.

  • Share what you’re working on.

  • Ask colleagues about what they do and what their biggest challenges are.

  • Pay close attention to other’s words to pick up on workplace style and jargon. Being aware of the language will help you become familiar with the company’s culture.

  • Identify people who can help you and who may even serve as mentors.

  • Ask for help. Remember, when you are in person, people often pick up on a questioning expression, but it’s harder to notice in video or phone meetings.

  • Introduce yourself as new in meetings and digital forums, like Teams. It might be uncomfortable, but most people want to welcome and help you — they need a more overt reminder.


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