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6 Ways to Develop Strategic Thinkers

Encouraging habitual strategic thinking maybe the most important thing you can do as a leader. Strategic thinking is difficult to teach and learn because it is as much a mindset as a set of techniques. Incorporate these practices to cultivate strategic thinkers:

  • When people approach you with a problem, insist they also come to you with a solution.

  • Make AWE part of your coaching vocabulary. AWE stands for, "And what else?" This question encourages more in-depth thinking.

  • Urge people to ask “why” and “when.” Whenever considering a course of action, these questions enable people to fully understand the goal it aims to achieve and its impact.

  • Mandate managers set aside time for strategic planning. Make it a regular part of their job.

  • Connect managers with mentors who excel at strategic thinking.

  • Keep people informed about what is happening in your organization and your industry. Thinking beyond their silo will help elevate their thinking beyond the day-to-day.


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