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7 Ways to Help a Direct Report with Time Management

Knowing how to support a direct report struggling with time management can be challenging. You need them to get things done, but you also want to help them. Before you get frustrated or deliver harsh feedback, follow these steps:

  1. Reflect on whether you might be contributing to the problem. Ask yourself if there have been times you’ve sent an assignment last minute or didn't provide clear direction.

  2. Determine how the lack of time management causes issues for you, the team, or their reputation.

  3. Identify where the issue lies. Is it incorrect prioritization? Lack of urgency? Miscommunication? Distractions?

  4. When providing feedback, calmly communicate to them exactly what you need, the deadline, and why you need it.

  5. Ask them how you can help them be successful. Do they need help prioritizing? Do they want help with distractions? Are they unclear on processes?

  6. Brainstorm the direction to take. This may include setting up milestones or providing you with daily updates.

  7. Celebrate progress, especially at the beginning.


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