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5 Steps To Get Employees on Board with Change

I have spent a significant portion of my executive coaching practice these last seven months discussing how to get employees on board with changes. No matter how big or small, changes create a sense of being out of control, uncertainty, instability, and stress for your team.

Leading change doesn't have to be complicated. Help people get on board by articulating the purpose of the change clearly.

  • Explain the big picture, why the change is essential, and how it will impact the organization in the long term.

  • Articulate how the change will benefit the person. Don't assume that everybody wants a more efficient process. Some people may be more onboard if you ensure that it will increase accuracy or better serve the end-user.

  • Tie all communications back to this narrative. Don’t stop reiterating the need for the change and presenting a compelling vision for the future it will create.

  • It’s OK if you don’t have all the answers. Be honest about what you do know and candid about what you don’t.

  • Remember to use all four *Insight styles in every communication, whether verbal or written.

*Contact us for more information about Insights and the power it can have!


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