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How to Connect with a Potential Mentor

A good mentor can make a critical impact on your professional success. But finding one isn’t always easy, especially in a hybrid workplace.

Here’s how to begin a strong relationship with a prospective mentor:

  • Send an email asking for a 30-minute virtual coffee. Share one or two things you respect about them or their work. Tell them about yourself, why you're reaching out, and what you would like to learn from them.

  • When you meet, make sure your camera is on, even if theirs isn’t. The person will feel more connected with you if they see your face and know you are a person – not just a voice. Ask about hobbies, books they want to read, or their interests. Casual conversation provides an opportunity to see if you have anything in common and if you enjoy one another’s company. Ask career questions and talk about the areas in which you’d like to grow. As you wrap up the call, summarize the advice they’ve provided.

  • Follow up with a thank-you email within two days. Share a few key things you learned, and let them know you’ll reach back out in a few weeks.


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