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5 Ways to Support Employees After a Layoff

As most of us know, many companies have laid off or furloughed employees. A recent study showed that 50% of all remaining employees are in fear of losing their job.

Employees experience many different emotions after a layoff, from survivor's guilt to gratitude that they still have a job. You can make a big difference in helping your team get through this hard time by doing the following:

  • Be candid about why the company decided to downsize, and explain other possibilities the organization considered.

  • Explain how the company is helping those whose jobs were eliminated, for example, by providing severance or career-transition services.

  • Allow employees to share their thoughts. Virtual town-hall meetings, brown-bag lunches, and other open forums are useful ways to keep the dialogue going.

  • Spend the first five minutes of a staff meeting on "grapevine" issues. Ask about rumors, and spend time addressing them.

  • Reserve 15 minutes at the end of staff meetings to provide a safe space for employees to process their emotions.

Employees need to understand what is going on and how management is reshaping the company for future stability and growth while still treating people with dignity. Doing these items will make employees more likely to stay engaged and remain the ambassadors for your organization.


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