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How to Support Your Hybrid Team

Succeeding in a hybrid work environment is challenging. Depending on many things, people need different types of support, whether sociable and talkative or quiet and contemplative.

For members of your team who need time to think and process and may be less likely to speak, it is vital to ensure that their voices and ideas are heard. This is especially important in hybrid meetings, where it can be tough to chime in. Encourage these team members to contribute. Ask, "Does anyone who hasn't spoken want to add to the conversation?". You can also suggest, "Let's take a couple of minutes to let others add thoughts and reactions to the chat."

Others may need a different kind of support. If you have team members who need more personal connections, ensure they get the face time with you they need. Also, they may feel disconnected when they don't see their teammates in person. Set up regular face-to-face or video meetings to support these team members. This will allow them to talk things through with you directly. Also, consider scheduling a few hybrid social functions.

Follow the tips in this article, The Key to Keeping Your Team Connected.

It is important to understand your team's different communication needs and styles. Conducting a team session with Insights is an excellent way for people to understand the diverse communication needs of one another and ensure everyone is able to engage and contribute in a way that's authentic to them. Contact us for information on this, available as an online course, virtual instructor-led, and in-person instructor-led.

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