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Is “Stop Procrastinating” One of Your Resolutions?

Do you have tasks on your New Year’s Resolution list that you want to accomplish, or is one of your resolutions not to procrastinate?

We often procrastinate when we’re exhausted or stressed because our brains want to save mental energy and avoid things that make us feel uncomfortable. Convince yourself to do the task immediately, and even with excitement, by reframing the job and envisioning an incentive when you're tired and your mind is telling you it’s not worth the effort.


Instead of repeatedly thinking, “I don’t want to do this,” say to yourself, “I’m going to feel better once I get this new process written out.”

Envision the incentive

Remind yourself of the long-term benefit of doing the task. Ask yourself, "Do I want to experiment with a new tool that may improve my team's efficiency, or do I want to stay with the same existing process that none of us feel great about?" This type of self-talk will make the easier path less attractive.


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