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Managing an Employee Who’s Checked Out

An employee might mentally check out for many reasons. They could have a personal issue or may be experiencing burnout. They might even be unaware that they've been slipping. Here are ways to manage such an employee:

Before the conversation

  • Learn about available support systems for employees, including employee resource groups, assistance plans, and health networks.

  • Identify the specific job requirements that this person is not meeting. Be ready to present this information during the conversation.

During the conversation

  • Give them a chance to tell you what's happening before sharing your assessment of their performance.

  • Be compassionate and clear that you sincerely desire to support them.

  • Discuss your priorities, be straightforward and specific about your concerns, and devise a plan to reengage them in their work.

Be patient—but only to a point. Reengaging an employee won't happen overnight. However, it might not be the proper role if an employee is genuinely checked out.


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