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5 Ways to Keep Your Resolution

If you are like many of my clients, you committed to read more books in 2020. This resolution may seem impossible, but not when compared to the number of texts, emails, and tweets you read each day. Consider how much time you’d get back by cutting some of that out of your life. Here are ways to make your phone less addictive:

  • Remove all apps from the main screen so your phone is blank when you turn it on. 

  • Use Do Not Disturb to stop notifications. Go one step further: turn off all email notifications. 

  • If your screen is cracked, don't fix it. 

  • Keep your charger where it is hard to reach.

  • Instead of reading on a Kindle or an iPad, read paper books. They immerse you in the story, they show off what you’re reading to others — and best of all, they don’t interrupt you with text messages. 

If you need motivation, remember: Research has shown that reading makes us more empathetic, compassionate, and understanding.


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