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Stop! 6 Questions to Ask Before Sending That Email

Email is being relied on now more than ever. This reliance increases the chances that emails will be misinterpreted or not received the way you intend. What can you do to make sure the email says what you want? Ask yourself these four questions before pressing Send.

  1. Is my email too brief? We’re all moving fast these days, but make sure you've shared any essential details the recipient should know. This extra step will save both of you from having to clarify things later.

  2. Is the email written logically? This question is the opposite of the previous question. Make sure to present all information and details in a way that is easy to understand; don't shy away from the use of subheadings and bullets.

  3. Are there typos? Sloppy emails make it seem like you don’t care. Take the time to proofread. We recommend running all emails or external communications through Grammarly.

  4. What tone am I projecting? It’s almost impossible to interpret an email that reads, "Ok." Tell your recipient you'll get back to them if you don't have time to give a thoughtful response.

  5. Would a verbal conversation be better? If you receive a confusing or vague email or there is a sensitive topic at hand, a call might be the best way to discuss the issue.

  6. What can be misinterpreted? This final question provides another chance to evaluate things from the reader’s perspective by looking at your content and writing style.


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