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Support Your Remaining Employees After a Layoff

After a layoff, remaining employees often experience a range of emotions — from survivor's guilt to gratitude that they are still employed. A good leader will ensure their team will effectively (and productively) get through this challenging time.

  • Be honest about why the company decided to restructure or downsize and explain the other considered options.

  • Explain how the company is helping people whose jobs were eliminated, such as providing career-transition services or severance.

  • Provide employees an opportunity to express their thoughts. Open forums like virtual town-hall meetings and brown-bag lunches help keep the dialogue going.

  • Reserve 15 minutes at the beginning or end of staff meetings to provide a safe space for employees to process their emotions. Don't avoid this difficult topic; doing so can further erode trust.

Employees need to understand that management is reshaping the company for future stability and growth while still treating people with dignity.


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