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Support Your Team During the Inevitable

Supply chain issues? A global pandemic? Recession and financial insecurity? Political upheaval? What about reorgs, leadership transitions, and new technologies?

That was just the last couple of years. Who knows what 2023 holds?

No wonder we are all exhausted.

To help your team prepare for the exhaustion and anxiety of inevitable uncertainty, try these techniques:

  • Don’t jump immediately into problem-solving and planning. Start by recognizing the emotional impact of the change and uncertainty. At the beginning of each staff meeting, set aside time for people to ask questions, share their feelings, and voice concerns.

  • Help your team adopt a growth mindset. Model your continuous growth by sharing what you are learning or changing.

  • Make a plan — but be ready to deviate from it. A flexible mindset will help others be less frustrated when things inevitably change.

  • Commit to uncomplicated routines that the team can do together to lower stress. Something as simple as adding a routine lunch or holding time on the agenda for celebrations will make a big difference, especially when the ground keeps moving under their feet.


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