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Treat Leadership Like a Diet

Do you have behaviors you would like to change, but you lack the discipline to do it? Good news! It is easier than you think; all you need is to adopt a methodical approach.

Here is a (sort of) simple approach:

  1. Identify a problem you’d like to solve or a future result you’d like to achieve. For example, perhaps you would like to be seen as more confident or improve a relationship.

  2. Articulate why the change is essential. Knowing the purpose of taking on this challenge will help you stay motivated.

  3. Identify measures of success. What does it look like to achieve your goal? How will you know if you’re making progress? The goals should be small, such as, “I will speak up five times in meetings,” or, “I will know three personal things about Raphael.”

  4. Choose new behaviors to implement to help you achieve your goal, and seek feedback as you practice them. Tell your manager, team members, or a trusted colleague what you're working on and that you need their input to help you develop.

  5. Celebrate successes as you make progress. I begin every executive coaching session by asking the coachee, “What can we celebrate?”

  6. Repeat with a new behavior.


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