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4 Things To Help You Beat Imposter Syndrome

We’ve all had the feeling of being an imposter, being undeserving, or not being qualified. But the fact that everyone occasionally suffers from impostor syndrome doesn’t make it easier to manage. Next time you have that feeling creeping in, try these techniques:

  • Be kind to yourself. Listen to your self-talk. Is it the same that you would give to a friend? If not, ask yourself what you would say to a friend in the same situation.

  • Use it to learn. The imposter syndrome is terrible only if you let it cripple you or overcompensate for it by being unnecessarily aggressive. Instead, find the humility in the situation, and learn what you can. Instead of focusing on how you are performing, focus on what you’re learning.

  • Recognize the benefits of not knowing everything. When you're not immersed in a given profession or industry's conventional wisdom, you can see things differently than others. You can also ask questions others may not have thought of or approach problems in a different way than others.

  • Remember that you are not alone. Almost everyone I have ever been fortunate enough to coach (even CEOs) admits to feeling like a fraud at times. You have a choice in the situation: you can use it for good – such as to embrace a growth mindset and remain humble - or for evil.


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