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4 Ways to Counteract Bias in Remote Teams

Remote work has many benefits but also has negative consequences, including the tendency to jump to conclusions when the person isn't physically with you in the office. Studies (and experience) show that people rely on their judgment and forgo asking for input and feedback when working remotely. Our natural tendency for confirmation bias compounds this fallacy — the self-rewarding ways we search for and interpret information that confirms our beliefs and values.

Here are four things you can do if your remote work is a part of your team’s culture.

  1. Encourage collaboration

  2. Urge your employees to seek different points of view, even if it prolongs the decision-making process.

  3. Watch out for groupthink, especially in virtual meetings where people are less willing to speak up, voice criticism, or question opinions, which can distort decision-making.

  4. Use breakout rooms during meetings to encourage discussions before sharing insights with the team.


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