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An Unexpected Way to Help Others Find Joy

One often-overlooked way to help employees find joy (and motivate) is to help them understand and consider how their job helps others. To nudge your team into this transformational mindset shift, turn their attention to one—or more—of these critical groups their work may be serving each day.

  • Community. Think about your organization's broader context. What opportunities does your team have to serve your community right now? Encourage and incentivize your employees to engage in these opportunities.

  • Clients or customers. Look for ways to make your employees' impact more tangible than revenue and profit. Collect testimonials to share with your team, invite customers or clients to speak at meetings, and keep a running list of real people positively affected by your products or services.

  • Colleagues. Ask your team: What would it look like if we all decided to serve each other the same way we serve clients or customers? Brainstorming around this question will lead to a culture of encouragement, support, and compassion.

  • Loved ones. Even on hard days, remind your team to take comfort that their work is an act of service to those they love—whether it's families they're supporting, people they're providing care for, or charitable works they're contributing to.


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