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How to Not Let a Toxic Work Culture Affect Your Team

Not all company cultures are positive, and some are downright toxic. Toxic cultures affect behavior, sometimes driving us to compromise our values and do things we usually wouldn't. You can't change a toxic culture on your own, but there are steps you can take to insulate yourself from its effects.

  1. Figure out the preferred environment you need to be effective and happy at work.

  2. Ask yourself a few questions:

    1. · Which of your values is missing?

    2. · Do you feel healthy and content?

    3. · Are you proud of your behavior towards others?

  3. Determine with your teammates the desired culture.

    1. Ask them what’s important to them at work.

    2. Discuss how company norms have affected their behavior.

  4. Make a plan to establish a team microculture based on everyone's shared values.

The microculture may not repair the company's larger issues, but it can help your team members resist the negative pressures they face.


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