• Anna Conrad

Are You Being Banished?

Updated: Feb 13

It may be hard to know when you are working from home, but if you think your manager is shutting you out, excluding you from crucial meetings, not answering your questions, or ignoring your requests for support, there are things you can do.

  1. Verify if this perception of what's happening is accurate. Do your colleagues have similar experiences?

  2. Try to figure out what might have gone wrong and how you can repair the relationship. Have you overstepped or handled a project in a way your manager didn’t like?

  3. Have a conversation to show you value your manager and want to set things right: "I realize you don't want me to work with Marketing anymore. Have I done something that you felt didn't represent the team well?"

  4. Listen to the feedback, and use it to gain back your manager’s trust.

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