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How to Focus on Employee Growth

One of the most important jobs of a manager is developing team members. Great managers tailor development to each person. Doing this helps you understand the nuances of how people are growing. 

At the end of each week (I encourage my clients to do this Friday afternoon), spend 15 minutes writing down these things:

  1. What you have done to support each team member.

  2. Patterns you’re seeing for each employee.

  3. Opportunities for the future growth of each employee.

  4. The feedback you’d like to give to each employee.

Discuss these insights in your weekly (yes, weekly!) one-on-ones. You don’t have to wait for their formal review; engaging with people on an ongoing basis shows that you know what success looks like for them and that you are working to help them achieve it. When employees see that you take their growth seriously, they’re more likely to give you their best efforts.


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