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Message to Managers: Stop Talking!

If you are like most managers, you probably talk a lot. Maybe you speak so that you support and guide your team. Perhaps you provide input in group and individual meetings. Whatever the situation, your intent is probably a good one.

But at some point, talking a lot can turn into overcommunicating. You can end up dominating conversations, which means employees' perspectives aren't being heard. Here are a few tips to keep:

  • To ensure you aren't talking too much, listen more than you speak. After all, you have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

  • When someone raises a question in a meeting, wait for others to speak first. If this is new for you, you will need to invite others to weigh in before you give your opinion.

  • During one-on-ones (a topic we have written about frequently), ask employees about their wants, needs, and concerns — and then be quiet. Use the A.W.E. method: ask, "And what else?" Then sit back and listen. You may be surprised how much you learn when you're saying nothing.


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