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The Most Important Thing About Leading Remote Teams

Before the pandemic forced most people to work remotely, the most significant hesitancy from my clients was not being able to trust people to work from home. There was a mental model that if you can’t see what people are doing, then they are not working or not doing things correctly.

The worry about measuring employee productivity and quality of work from a distance are easily rectifiable. The switch is measuring the effectiveness of the employee based on their outcomes instead of their process.

You must trust the employee to complete the work. Even though you can not observe employees doing their jobs, you can still provide the information they need, assign them tasks, and check on them. There’s no reason to believe that, in this new environment, people won't do the assigned work.

Remote work has been around a long time. We are lucky because today we have the technology to not only to work effectively, but also to collaborate successfully.

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