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4 Steps for This Critical Leadership Skill

When deadlines are looming and time is short, managers often forget to do one of the most important things in leadership: communicate the "why" behind requests. Not only does this simple task show respect, but it is also more likely to motivate people to do what you were asking.

The next time you deliver an important message to your team, make sure you're clear on the "why" behind it. Here are steps to take to accomplish this critical element:

  1. Ask yourself "what" questions, such as What are the risks? What is at stake? What will the future be like if we accomplish this?

  2. Figure out how to clearly articulate your logic. Think about the action you're asking your team to take, and then follow it with a clear, well-practiced explanation. For example, "We need to change our hiring practices because our current process isn't attracting a diverse enough pool of candidates."

  3. Share other ideas you considered, and explain the process that led to the decision. The transparency will motivate your team.

  4. Be prepared to answer follow-up questions.


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