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12 Ways to Keep Focused During Virtual Meetings

It is often hard to keep focused on virtual meetings, especially if it is your fourth one of the day. Below are some tips to help you stay as engaged as possible.

Before the meeting, write down these items:

  • The meeting's purpose and the value you can add.

  • The most critical information you need to get from the meeting.

  • The value you bring to the meeting.

  • What you can and should contribute.

During the meeting:

  • Be prepared with specific questions. Knowing this will help you listen more carefully.

  • Use only one screen – turn off any additional monitors.

  • Close down your email program.

  • Close down your instant messaging program.

  • If you talk during the meeting, acknowledge previous statements so people feel heard, but don't spend much time rehashing earlier points.

  • Move the conversation forward by adding something new.

  • If you do zone out, notice what distracted you, and return your attention to the call.

  • If you missed something, don't be afraid to ask a clarifying question.


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