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How to Thrive During a Reorg

The uncertainty of reorgs can be terrifying, yet the potential for remarkable growth and opportunity lies within this flux.

Anchor Yourself in Value

The first step in navigating the uncertain waters of a reorganization is to solidify your stance by anchoring yourself in value. Engage in a reflective dialogue with your manager, delineating how your skills and contributions align with the company's evolving direction. A study highlighted in the Harvard Business Review emphasizes the power of proactive engagement in securing your position during times of change. You illuminate your indispensable role in the company's future by presenting a compelling narrative of your achievements and potential.

Forge Alliances in Calm and Storm

In the realm of reorganizations, your network serves as both your anchor and your sail. A LinkedIn survey reveals that individuals with solid internal networks are significantly more likely to navigate organizational changes successfully. Reach out to allies, mentors, and sponsors, weaving a robust support web. These connections are not merely safety nets; they are strategic partnerships that can propel you forward.

Charting the Course: Strategic Scenario Planning

The essence of navigating a reorganization lies in anticipation and preparedness. Equip yourself with a deep understanding of the internal and external factors shaping the reorganization. Engage in scenario planning, mapping out potential outcomes, and formulating strategies for each. This proactive approach ensures that you are not merely reacting to changes but are prepared to leverage them to your advantage.

Polish Your Professional Lighthouse

Amid organizational upheaval, it's crucial to maintain and polish your professional presence. Regularly update your resume and LinkedIn profile to reflect your latest achievements and capabilities. This ongoing career maintenance prepares you for unforeseen opportunities and is a beacon, attracting potential allies and opportunities.

Embrace the Horizon: Transforming Uncertainty into Opportunity

While inherently uncertain, reorganization offers a unique personal and professional growth opportunity. By advocating for your value, strengthening your network, engaging in strategic planning, and maintaining your professional visibility, you transform potential turbulence into a tailwind, propelling your career to new heights.

An organizational reorganization is a voyage through uncharted waters. Yet, with the right strategies and mindset, it becomes an opportunity to demonstrate resilience, adaptability, and strategic insight. Remember, in the face of change, you possess the power to survive and thrive, charting a course that leads to professional success and a legacy of excellence. Let this guide serve as your compass, steering you towards a future where you emerge unscathed and victorious, ready to embrace the vast, open seas of opportunity.


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